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Comprehensive support along the continuum of growth to meet students wherever they might be—whether wanting to build a sound infrastructure of academic strategies and daily rhythms, deepen engagement and balance, build self-awareness and confidence, strengthen writing skills, apply to secondary school or college, transition into a new school or set of circumstances, take a gap year, enter the workforce, or do something entirely different—or simply take those next, right steps...whatever they might be.





The Flip/Switch Toolkit:

Helping students build essential infrastructure around who they are and what matters to them:

  • Sharpen essential executive skills—organization, planning, processing, time management, communication, and self-advocacy

  • Incorporate subject-specific tools and strategies to engage more deeply in the learning process, with companion materials and visual guides to promote regular, supported practice and develop critical thinking, creativity, & confidence

  • Understand your learning style/profile within the adolescent brain and implement strategies that work for you​—​study smarter, not harder

  • Understand the importance of the Growth Mindset​, the power of presence, & how brain chemicals can work for you 

  • Learn how to balance the benefits of technology with the considerable magic of the Lost Arts

  • Get comfortable asking questions, reaching out for help, and activating support & resources 

  • Create reflection points & healthy daily rhythms to build breathing room, balance, & well-being

  • Learn how to minimize distractions, shed attention residue, & do the essential Deeper Work that enables us to better synthesize, process, unpack, make connections between ideas—and make larger leaps into new terrain 

  • Learn how to tune in to and tame stress, overwhelm, & anxiety

  • Cultivate your natural curiosity, imagination, and sense of wonder as a gateway into new discoveries about yourself and the world around you

I work with students individually or in small groups, either in person or remotely, or a combination thereof. I also offer workshops for teachers, schools, & other community groups interested in learning more about incorporating the Flip/Switch method into their daily teaching practices and rhythms.

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Test Prep (SSAT, PSAT, SAT, and ACT):

Working closely with students within a comprehensive Flight Plan to help them:

  • Understand the role and limitations of the test within the college admissions process 

  • Create a reasonable timeline of test dates, practice schedule, and goals

  • Develop an overall game plan and strategies based on the individual’s needs and learning style, strengths and vulnerabilities

  • Understand the brain science and psychology behind the test in order to minimize anxiety and maximize efficiency

  • Strengthen command of content and fine tune approach through independent as well as supervised skill-based “perfect” practice and drill work

  • Build stamina, sustained focus, and mental toughness 

  • Create positive associations and comfort with test while fostering a greater awareness and acceptance of the test’s limitations

  • Learn how to let regular schoolwork pull double duty in preparing for the SAT and ACT

  • Navigate the complexities of individual school policy around the various combination of testing requirements

I work with students individually or in small groups, either in person or remotely, or a combination thereof. I also offer workshops for schools & other community groups interested in learning more about the testing process.



Wherever you are, whatever you need, I can help you:

  • Stay organized and feel in control—designate regular time for college work, set goals within a personalized Road Map, and create systems that work for individual student

  • Figure out who you are, what matters to you, and what you want so you make good decisions that feel right

  • Create an initial college list to explore and sharpen

  • Incorporate test prep into your overall game plan

  • Brainstorm and fine tune your Activities list for the Common App 

  • Research, coordinate, & prepare for college visits & interviews

  • Stay on top of follow up with proactive, polished communications

  • Understand & navigate the financial aid process & application requirement deadlines

  • Get started early on the Common App

  • Develop college essays and supplements

  • Submit applications on time and with confidence; I will be available throughout the process, whatever your deadlines or your needs.

  • Process final decisions

I offer package deals to take students through the entire process as well as individual sessions that address particular needs at various points along the way. I work with students individually or in small groups, either remotely or in person, and offer workshops and information sessions for community groups & schools. 

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Writing & Editing Instruction & Support:

The College Essay present an opportunity—to lean into the full potential of the process and gain a greater understanding of self while strengthening essential interiority tools and writing skills:

  • Unearthing story — through fun, interactive brainstorming, visual mapping, guided-, and free-writing exercises designed to mine and explore the raw material

  • Finding meaning & cultivating voice in story — through guided exercises to develop the connective tissue throughout, with triple-duty small details and an authentic voice.

  • Freewriting the story — a first full draft without any inner editing or censorship.

  • Sharpening and re/shaping the story — through collaborative, instructional workshopping, reworking, and then careful editing & trimming.

  • Polishing the story for submission — to ensure that every word matters.

I also offer writing workshops, as well as editing and writing help for individuals and organizations. This can be done remotely, in small groups, or one-on-one.

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