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Don't just think about what you want to do in this world... think, too, about how you want to be!


Liz Gardner | Educational Coach & Consultant

Williams College '87 B.A in English (and rugby)

Hi, I'm Liz. It's Great to Meet You!

Throughout my life, I've been able to share my passion for creating a strong sense of community and vibrant culture of creativity, compassion, and connection. From my 70's neighborhood, where our self-governance meant we could create our own world, and my first two jobs out of college—teaching creative movement and dance to preschoolers and designing curriculum within a kindergarten enrichment program—I learned early on the benefits of balancing thoughtful lesson plans with mindful listening & compassionate response, a sense of playfulness, and the art of improvisation. For both students and teachers, being able & willing to tune in, respond, and make ongoing adjustments is what enables a more dynamic learning experience—and greater growth and fulfillment.

This is the FlipSwitch!


Since then, I have worked with adults and children of all ages in many different educational and community settings, helping them stay curious, grounded, and enthusiastic about what they love to do—and build the tools to get through the tough stuff with greater confidence, resilience, and positivity. I have a passion for helping people discover and unfold into who they are, draw their own maps, engage more authentically in their lives, and feel supported and accompanied on the journey—particularly as they navigate transitions and opportunities for growth. 

“What every teacher is doing is teaching someone

how to love something.”  

- Jenny Browne



Classroom Teacher. Writer. Tutor. Learning Specialist. Facilitator. Curriculum Designer. Program Director. Educational Counselor & Consultant. Event Coordinator. Community Organizer. Photographer. Homeschool Mom. Breast Cancer Survivor. Fundraiser. Captain, Blue Footed Boobies. Social Media Specialist. Creative Content Creator. Walker. Dancer. Lifelong Learner. Transitions Coach. Advocate & Ally. 

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