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Amidst so much uncertainty, figuring out your next, right steps presents an opportunity: to slow down the process, lean in, and listen to what you want.

This is but one reflection point along a continuum of many—and learning how to more seamlessly navigate transitions now will help you for many

years to come! 


I help students & organizations do the dream work—to imagine what’s possible—and then learn how to prioritize and execute the essential, more systematic work to bring those possibilities to full fruition




Engage Yourself Deeply in the Process. 

I've designed the Flip/Switch guided program to empower students to more deeply engage in the process of uncovering those next, right steps through a more intentional, carefully-crafted combination of hands on, interactive guided exercises, self-directed, skill-based practice, an ongoing exchange of independent work and feedback, companion materials and resources, and creative, compassionate coaching that considers and supports the whole person along the journey. 

"Thank you so much for everything you have done for Sam this year. Your support has been invaluable to him. We just want you to know how much we love you and how grateful we are to you."

-Elizabeth & Scott

"Thank you so much for all you have done for me. From helping me use my planner to fixing my study habits to just helping me figure out my day to day life, you have had such a significant impact on my life! On top of all that I have genuinely enjoyed my time with you; you are funny, nice, and caring."




Make the Process Your Own.

In order to customize a program for a student, I take into consideration their individual needs & circumstances, learning styles & challenges, intelligences, strengths & vulnerabilities — incorporating the latest research in brain science, cognition, memory, motivation, and learning — as well as my own 40 years of experience and training. Whatever their starting point might be, students are encouraged to

do the deeper work within the supportive, fluid framework of their personalized program to:

  • Map out and explore how their many different activities and interests connect and reflect who they are—and what matters to them

  • Develop strategies and daily rhythms that enable them to take control of their time & create balance

  • Cultivate and activate their distinctive voice through strong writing & communication skills

  • Unearth, break open, and find meaning in their stories

  • Find value, strength, and confidence in who they are and who they wish to become

  • Let that enhanced, deepened self-awareness inform and reframe their next right steps with purpose & direction, integrity & authenticity.

DSC_0100 (1).jpg

I get to know my students and help them get to know themselves. I circle back often to the three C’s: the idea that we all need to feel connected, capable, and that we count in order to more fully engage in the learning process, be able to move through life’s many challenges and transitions, and grow well. And that to do so, we often need support and guidance along the way. To be heard and seen, and to better understand our stories and ourselves can engender greater self-awareness and understanding, which can in turn build resilience and confidence, and ensure stronger decision making—all essential tools to have in order to move through the tougher stuff in life with greater ease.





What Brings You Joy? How Can I Help You Thrive?

Thank you for helping me organize my college essay and moment of silence, two pieces of writing I am very proud of. Most importantly, thank you for your guidance, support, and encouragement. It is clear you understand the power of human connection, and the powerful impact it has on students. I admire your ability to connect and empathize with others. Whatever challenges I was facing this year, I always felt I could come to you.


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