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Are you ready to figure out
your next, right step?

I work with students along the full continuum of academic and personal growth, offering supportive coaching & companion materials to help them deepen their self-awareness, imagine and create patterns of possibility—and then lean into the essential work of bringing it to full fruition with purpose, direction, and joy.











Unlocking academic and personal success by developing smart, customized strategies, daily rhythms & habits that build efficiency and balance, and create possibility and well being. Experienced with all types of learning styles & profiles.

SSAT, SAT, & ACT. Creating a focused, manageable game plan that combines independent skill-based practice with a guided, systematic approach to build confidence, stamina, and mental toughness — and understand the psychology of the test.

Partnering with families to navigate the multifaceted admissions process re-imagined for the Covid Era. Helping students build self-awareness, enabling a more authentic, grounded engagement with the

process — and their goals.

Providing dynamic, experienced writing & editing support and instruction. Specializing in helping students develop authentic voice, and through my specialized College Ready program, write strong, distinctive college essays & supplements for the application process.



Remote Sessions: 

An ongoing exchange of work and feedback via phone, Zoom, FaceTime, & shared documents on Google Drive.

Private Sessions: 

One-on-one coaching for local students. In combination with small group sessions or as is.

Group Work: 

In conjunction with one-on-one sessions or on their own, small group sessions for 2 to 5 students. Remote sessions via Zoom and FaceTime.

Consultations & Workshops:

For teachers, schools, and organizations looking to incorporate more of the Flip/Switch approach into their pedagogy and practice.

 "Thank you for your guidance and tutelage. It has had a noticeable impact on Logan’s performance, not just on standardized tests but on many other levels. Through this essay writing process he has also discovered himself. I am very appreciative of that."

-Dr. Sohail Waein

"Thank you for all your help this year. I would not have been able to get through without you!! You are such a special, amazing, brilliant person! You mean so much to so many students! I will really miss you next year but will definitely keep in touch!"

~ Sophia

"We reached out to Liz on the eve of an early decision application deadline for a very competitive school, and she was fabulous! She spoke not to me, but directly to my son, and though she is terrific at writing and sentences, her real genius is to find the heart and soul of the essay—which means making the child dig deep and articulate what matters to them most. Then she helped him craft the actual words in the most lively and authentic way. She made him be the best him he could be—and not some robotic achiever that sounds like he has been ground through the robotic achievement mill."

- Natalie Dohrmann

"It has been an absolute privilege to work with you over the course of my high school career. You have not only helped me grow as a student, but you’ve helped me grow as a person. I know that all the skills you’ve taught me will serve me extremely well at college and beyond. Thank you once again for all the time you’ve given me over the past four years; it has left an indelible mark on me. I am deeply grateful for you."

- Jacob

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